Snowberry Skincare trial results

Beautyheaven got REAL women aged 25-45 to try our Snowberry products twice a day for 30 days. Here's what the Beautyheaven Trial Team had to say!

4.5 star results

New Radiance Serum

New Radiance Face Serem - Award winning skincare

BeautyHeaven Says

Snowberry Radiance Face Serum is a natural copper peptide serum that helps to reduce lines and wrinkles, strengthen thinning skin (especially on legs and hands), and reduce inflammation. It is ideal for all skin types aged 25+, and especially where fine lines are beginning and/or wrinkles have developed. The serum stimulates natural collagen production and helps to strengthen and smooth the skin’s barrier function, reducing lines and wrinkles while helping to give more even skin tone.

Our independent testers say

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I am an instant convert to Snowberry! 40 years old and this is the first time I have ever noticed instant results with my skin looking and feeling better! I use Snowberry eye cream, serum and moisturiser every day and can’t see any reason to change that.

Amanda, March 2016

Hi there, I've been meaning to drop an email for a while now to say thank you for 'Snowberry'. I first started using this wonderful skincare about 3 years ago when my sister-in-law gave me a trial pack for Christmas. This is truly the best skincare I have ever used and since using I have received many positive comments about the condition of my skin. I am nearly 44 years old and have found the products to help reduce variations in my skin tone, and the eye serum is great for the delicate eye area. I use everything from the face and eye serums, to the scrub, cleanser, night cream and day cream. They are all truly wonderful and so lovely to use. So, thank you very, very much. Kind regards

Gabrielle, December 2016

"...I am very impressed with the new SPF30 sunscreen. It spreads really easily and leaves a nice finish with no white residue. Very happy with this product, certainly will be perfect for everyday use and skin ageing prevention."


Helen, December 2019

So happy that I tried Snowberry New Radiance Serum and the 2 in 1 Cleanser and Toner. I have had issues with my skin for the last 5 years - daily breakouts, dryness, cystic acne and after using these 2 products for about 2 months the issues I've had, are almost completely gone. Up until trying Snowberry I had tried everything - high end products that cost me $500 for the 8 or so products I needed, natural products that dried out my skin and I even tried using nothing at all to see if that helped and after all that I had nearly no change, my skin was just getting worse! I can't wait to try more of your range and I am so grateful that I found you. Thank you so much!

Holly, January 2017

"After many years of wasting so much money on “miracle” products that never worked, I can honestly say Snowberry has worked; my skin tone is so much more even, no more red spots, and I even get comments on “what are you doing for your skin?” Overall it is sooo much better. I will continue to use Snowberry... and to think it is made in Warkworth, great!"

Jenny, December 2019

Snowberry has nailed on all counts. Not only for your product & pretty packaging but just as importantly for your friendly, helpful customer service. That is so appreciated.

Moya, January 2017

My co-worker and I work in a pharmacy in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. We try every skin care product that rolls through our doors. We both struggle with skin problems… Ever since we tried Snowberry, our skin is in the best condition it's ever been in…We LOVE Snowberry. No other skincare product has come anywhere near the effectiveness of this amazing range. Props to the team at Snowberry!

Stephanie, January 2016

When pregnant hormones wrecked havoc with my skin. I had also been using the same products for years. I was in life pharmacy and was pointed in the direction of snowberry. I have not looked back. My skin is in the best condition it's been in for years, all the pigmentation from pregnancy has gone. I have got my mum onto it who has such sensitive skin she reacts to everything... Not snowberry though. I Love the smell and feel of products I look forward to doing my beauty regime every time.

Tessa, June 2015

I’m a huge fan of snowberry, especially the serum which I also use on my eyes. I get a lot of people commenting on my skin and they’re always surprised when I say I’m 51. Keep up the good work!

Vikki, February 2017

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