• Nature & Science
    More than simply natural skin care

    Nature & Science

    Soraya did not set out to create ‘100% natural’ skin care, since to have done so would have meant failing to take advantage of clinically proven and scientifically-derived anti-aging and skin renewal compounds. In fact, Snowberry is created mostly from wilderness and rainforest substances such as White peat, Neem, Lingon and Cloud berry oils. Many of these natural substances have been known for centuries to be beneficial to skin, but they have been used in isolation one from another, and generally in an unrefined form only. Modern skin science and bio chemistry has enabled us to identify the particular effect of specific extracts on skin cellular structure and renewal processes. By combining the best of these with carefully selected anti-oxidants, enzymes and peptide complexes, in Snowberry, Soraya has created a skin care that is a beautiful fusion of ancient wisdom, Nature and science.

    Soraya’s idealism meant that she had to find alternatives for other chemicals frequently used in skin care and sunscreens. Some are intended to give a silky feel, or to hasten absorption, and some are simply ‘fillers,’ or cheap sources of emollients, moisturisers, and foaming agents. For Snowberry, Soraya would accept only those ingredients – no matter the cost, that she could trust to be truly beneficial and truly safe. For this reason, and unlike many other brands, Snowberry means:

    • No Petrochemicals
    • No Propylene or Butylene Glycols
    • No Volatile alcohols
    • No artificial colours
    • No Silicones
    • No DEA or MEA ingredients

    Avoiding parabens as the preservative system for Snowberry products led to another dedicated research programme. The breakthrough came in the form of an unusual combination of natural ingredients including Totarol from the New Zealand rainforest to form a unique, natural preservative system.

    All Snowberry serums and creams are subject to independent dermatological testing and are clinically proven hypoallergenic. Snowberry skin care is for women who wish to be able to trust. It is Soraya’s promise.

  • Living Earth
    Snowberry care for the environment

    Living Earth

    “It is not a choice with which we are faced, it is simply our responsibility.” Soraya Hendesi

    For Soraya, growing Snowberry in such a way that it has a positive impact on the environment, communities, and individuals is nothing less than a responsibility to future generations.

    Because we are committed to providing the finest natural anti-aging skin care for our customers, Snowberry secures the finest bio active ingredients from around the world. However, only those ingredients that we can be assured have been sustainably harvested without detriment to the environment, are acceptable.

    We will do more. By developing the Snowberry Gardens, we are focused not just on deriving a rich new source of unique bio active ingredients, but also replacing those we currently bring to Snowberry skin care from faraway places.

    In this way we continually assess every aspect of the enterprise that is Snowberry, from the selection of ingredients obtained on a sustainable basis, to the minimising of waste, as well as the energy efficiency policies and recycling practices of our own manufacturing and that of our packaging partners.

    The Snowberry ethos is to be environmentally sustainable because it is only through the adoption of such an ethos that we can play our part in caring for our Living Earth. In practical terms, the Snowberry environmental mission is to use biodegradable and recycled packaging materials, to be carbon neutral, and to the extent that it is possible, entirely self-sufficient in natural antiaging skin care ingredients. 

  • Natural Beauty
    Pure refreshment for the skin

    Natural Beauty

    “People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness comes, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”

    Dr Elizabeth Kübler Ross 1926-2004

    Humanitarian Dr Elizabeth Ross, described the inner beauty we all learn to cherish, as ‘true beauty.’ Soraya loved the metaphor, which to her, is synonymous with her love of ‘Natural beauty.’ Natural beauty, she describes as artless and is the more alluring for being so. Beyond mere physical attractiveness, it is the ‘light from within,’ the natural beauty that may be observed in an act of kindness or friendship; in discovery and invention also; in different cultures, music and art. Natural beauty is to be seen every day. Natural beauty is to be seen everywhere in Nature.

    Appreciation of natural beauty contributes to sustainable happiness – that form of happiness that is life-affirming, and characterised by social connectedness, spirituality, simplicity and modesty of expectations, patience and tolerance, and much time and space for play!

    Snowberry skin care is inspired by Soraya’s twin pillars of Natural beauty and Authenticity. It is a philosophy that inspires us to offer skin care that will be as gentle but as enduring in its effect as possible. It seeks to enhance rather than intervene. It supports rather than attempts to replace wellness and good health as the source of naturally beautiful skin. The use in skincare of petrochemicals, silicones, artificial preservatives and colours, glycols and parabens is not consistent with a philosophy ofnourishing the skin naturally. The use of these chemicals is completely inconsistent with the Snowberry philosophy of creating authentic anti-aging skincare and may be a cause of the increasing incidence of sensitive skin.

    How we do things is equally as important as what we accomplish. We want our customers to love their relationship with Snowberry because it continually delights! We are committed to changing things for the better – to making a positive difference in the lives of the people we encounter along our way. We believe that nothing is impossible in our search for the quality and effectiveness of the skincare, sunscreens and beauty solutions that people can trust, absolutely.

    “I love the idea of skin care as pure refreshment for the skin. To me that is a whole new world.” Soraya Hendesi


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