• Origins
    The search for authentic skin care


    ‘Snowberry’ was born of necessity – as Founder and cosmetician Soraya Hendesi expresses it - “I was simply unable to find skin care that I felt I could trust.”

    A New Zealander of Persian origin, Soraya was frustrated by the many compromises she saw in conventional skin care. ‘Natural’ products that failed to take advantage of advances in skin care science, or ‘miracle’ products based on a single ingredient…and products of both kinds containing potentially harmful petrochemicals, volatile alcohols, sulphates, artificial colouring, parabens, silicones and glycols.

    Unable to find the pure but active skin care she wanted for herself, Soraya set out to create something entirely new – skin care that would make no compromises – not in functionality or safety, nor in the inclusion of optimum quantities of the finest bio active ingredients obtainable anywhere in the world. She was determined to create an uncomplicated system of natural beauty care that worked, and, because of what it contained, and just as importantly didn’t contain, that she could trust, absolutely. Skin care that would not be tested on animals and nor, with the exception of honey and cultured pearl, would contain any animal product. The outcome is Snowberry, an intensely pleasurable and beneficial indulgence for skin, every day.

    Her family and friends call it Soraya’s magic! Soraya calls it ‘pure refreshment for the skin.’

  • Skin care from NZ
    Snowberry cares for the environment

    Skin care from NZ

    Snowberry’s home is New Zealand. A remote group of islands deep in the South Pacific, New Zealand, or Aotearoa, as it was named by the indigenous Maori, is a land of unusual beauty, stretching from sub tropical climes into some of the world’s magnificent fiords. A land of sparkling lakes, snow capped mountains, and a rich and unique rainforest. New Zealand is truly a natural wonderland. It is a source of inspiration, and new-to-the-world bio actives. It is a natural home for Soraya’s Snowberry.

  • Carbon Neutral

    Carbon Neutral

    Scientists now know that the carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted from the burning of fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal, is a major contributor to the ‘greenhouse’ gases that are causing the world’s climate to warm.

    Snowberry is the first New Zealand skin care company to achieve carboNZeroCert™ certification for each of its products, and may be the first in the World to do so.

    CarboNZero™ certification (you will see the carboNZero™ logo on each Snowberry carton) means that Snowberry’s activities are measured and managed to be ‘carbon neutral.’ In other words, the carbon the company produces at any given time is neutralised by mechanisms such as registered forest regeneration, which extracts the same quantity of carbon dioxide from the air. The carboNZero™ programme in New Zealand is the only accredited ISO14065 greenhouse gas verifier outside of the United States of America and the world’s first internationally accredited greenhouse gas certification scheme, which comes under the auspices of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF). This accreditation means that Snowberry can measure and report its carbon footprint with a confidence that has been verified against a global standard and is accepted in 50 major world economies.

    Snowberry’s commitment to being carbon neutral flows directly from founder Soraya Hendesi’s philosophy of creating anti-aging skincare she could trust. “The commitment we made as a team to be environmentally sustainable, simply reflected our personal values. We all have children and as far as we were concerned, Snowberry had to be environmentally sustainable for their sakes. Being carbon neutral is a huge part of that because it is at the heart of climate change. There is no bigger issue in the world today. If we don’t get that right, nothing else will matter.”

    This is not a marketing matter she says. “The WWF has said that climate change is the biggest threat to nature and humanity in the 21st Century. Do we really want to tell our grandchildren that we don’t think we can make a difference?”

    “It gives me great pleasure to be able to say to one of our customers in Germany or the United States or China that when she buys a Snowberry serum she knows she has bought a product that strives to honour its commitments.”

  • Snowberry Gardens
    Skin care from the New Zealand rainforest

    Snowberry Gardens

    It came from The Three Kings…

    At one time there were fewer than thirty trees left in the world! The ancient, extraordinary and beautiful broadleaf tree that is ‘Puka,’ originated and was isolated to a tiny group of uninhabited islands called The Three Kings, just offshore of New Zealand’s northern coast in the South Pacific. Devoted nurturing has brought the Puka back from the brink of extinction and in the Snowberry Gardens, set in a fertile landscape in New Zealand’s subtropical North, Puka is being carefully cultivated to produce the superior emollients and anti-oxidants that are found in the tree’s wonderful resin.

    Alongside of the Puka, selected New Zealand rainforest trees and plants are also cultivated for the special antiaging skin care properties found in their resins, seeds and leaves. Like the oil extract of the native New Zealand flax, Harakeke – rich in phytosterols and omega acids, Harakeke will provide Snowberry skin care with powerful, natural moisturising and hydrating properties. Flax Renew Body Oil

    Snowberry Gardens is at the core of our bio discovery programme and our commitment to bring new-to-the-world anti-aging skincare bio actives to Snowberry customers. It is also a delightful haven for plants, birds and of course, people!



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